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Mr. H. Ormand, who is a leading jeweler in San Leandro, California, came to the United States from the Azores Islands twenty-three years ago when he was seventeen years old. For three years he lived in San Francisco and then moved to Oakland where he worked in a jewelry store for ten years. In 1932 he opened his own store in San Leandro. Mr. Ormond and his wife have worked long hours to build their establishment and now hold a respected position in the social and business life of San Leandro. Mr. Ormond said, "I received my education as a boy in the Azores but I have found that all the things that I learned there as well as the principles of honesty amd integrity and thrift and industry that my parents taught me have served me well in my adopted country. While I now speak a different language, all the principles of life in the United States and the Azores are the same."


Russell Lee


April 1942

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