CartoDB & Leaflet

I just finished getting the main photogrammar website linked to a table in a CartoDB database. This will eventually be the primary mapping mechanism for the site due to its scalability, nice balance of raster and vector data formats, and its quickly growing community of users. In doing this migration I have learned that my initial understanding of the relationship between Leaflet, CartoDB, and vizzuality was slightly incorrect.

Vizzuality is a smallish (~14 developers) firm based in Madrid and New York City. Following in the RedHat model, they provide fully open source tools under open source licenses but charge for support, dedicated servers, and custom solutions. These include CartoDB, CartoSet, and VisualRaster (see Vizzuality Tools). CloudMade is a similar, but distinct, company which concentrates on “Location Enabled Applications and Services”; there focus seems to be on mobile devices. One project they support is Leaflet, an “Open-Source JavaScript Library for Mobile-Friendly Interactive Maps”. While our focus is not on mobil apps, the leaflet library is known to be an excellent general purpose library for creating dynamic graphs. Due to the potential benefits from linking these two projects, Vizzuality has released an open source project on github for linking Leaflet and CartoDB together… In short, we have a lot of disjoint open source pieces from two companies coming together to produce a fast and robust mapping solution for the photogrammar website.

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